INC (Indian Nursing Council), KUHS (Kerala University of Health Sciences, Thrissur)
KNMC (Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council)

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Our Vision


“Education for fullness of life”  which means education to develop habits and attitude for constant and continuous modification of experience, contributing for a holistic development of an individual.


Holistic formation of young women as nurses by commitment towards excellence in quality care while participating in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through innovative approaches to education, research and clinical practice.


Prepare academically and technically sound professional nurses with emphasis on human caring and holistic health, which will provide comprehensive and quality health care to public with commitment and compassion. We focus on professional advancement through nursing research and development of nursing leaders.

We are committed to:

  1. Cater the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients.
  2. Follow merit-based, transparent and non-exploitative admission procedure.
  3. Challenge our students to become forward-looking dedicated health care personnel with hallmarks of competence, integrity and compassion.
  4. Instill respect for life in the staff and students at every stage of its growth and in all its manifestations.
  5. Inspire the students to reach out to the poor and the marginalized, especially those in the rural areas.


The aim of the undergraduate nursing program is to:

  1. Prepare graduates to assume responsibilities as professional, competent nurses and midwives in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.
  2. Prepare nurses who can make independent decisions in nursing situations, protect the rights and facilitate individuals and groups in pursuit of health, functions in the hospital, community nursing services, and conduct research studies in the areas of nursing practice. They are also expected to assume the role of teacher, supervisor and manager in a clinical /public health setting/ school of nursing.


On completion of the nursing program, the graduate is expected to :-

  1. Prepare Professional Nurses who will provide comprehensive health care to public with commitment & compassion.
  2. Develop Professional nurses who will render service in different levels of Health care delivery system.
  3. Accept and respect the rights and dignity of the individual regardless of caste, creed, race, color, intelligence or political status.
  4. Enhance the Professional Growth of Nursing through continued research process.
  5. Maintain the dignity & standard of the Nursing Profession.
  6. Demonstrate leadership qualities and management skills in problem solving and decision making at various levels of professional practice.
  7. Demonstrate basic skills in teaching, administration, supervision, research and therapeutic communication.
  8. Practice ethical and moral values and principles in one’s personal and professional life.



Our Departments

Community health nursing is the synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promote and protect the health of population. It combines all the basic elements of professional, clinical nursing with public health and community practice.

Obstetrics and Gynecology are medical specialties that focus on two different aspects of the female reproductive system. The department appreciates the concept and principles of obstetrical & Gynecological nursing and helps students to acquire Knowledge, develop attitude and skills in rendering nursing care to normal and high risk pregnant women, and gynecological patients in hospital and community settings.

Medical surgical nursing is a nursing specialty area concerned with the care of adult patients in a broad range of settings .The department provides students centered teaching and learning in conductive atmosphere for hands-on experience that helps the students to gain confidence in their nursing knowledge, skills and attitudinal practice.

Child health nursing is the art and science of giving nursing care to children from birth through adolescent with emphasis on the physical growth, mental emotional and psycho-social development.

Mental health nursing or psychiatric nursing is the specialized area of nursing practice which focus on promotion of mental health and prevention of mental illness for all, irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed and religion .

Nursing and statistics are included in the IIIrd year BSc (N) programme. It is designed to enable students to develop an understanding of basic concepts of research ,research process, and statistics, It is further structured to conduct/ participate in need based research studies in various settings and utilize the research findings to provide quality nursing care. The hors for practical will be utilized for conducting individual /group research project.

Nursing education is included in the IVth year BSc (N) programme. It is designed to help the students to develop an understanding of the principles and methods of teaching and to equip the students with the beginning skills in teaching in clinical, community health and educational settings.