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Education for fullness of Life

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Education for fullness of Life


Education for Fullness of Life |
Education for Fullness of Life |
Education for Fullness of Life |
Education for Fullness of Life |

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Health is a state of well-being that enables a person to lead a physically, psychologically, socially and economically productive life. Health is a right of all the people. All the individual families and communities have responsibility towards maintaining their health. Professional nursing practice is the practice of nursing and delivery of care to meet the needs of society. It is based on a theoretical framework that reflects the underlying philosophy of environment. Evidence based practice is the process of shaping clinical practice based on scientific inquiry.

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Empowering Care: Core Values Enriching Little Lourdes College of Nursing








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About Us

The dream of Rev. Msgr. Cyriac J Mattathil, the founder of Little Lourdes Charitable Institutions, was fulfilled on 3rd August 2013. A great salute to Rev. Msgr. Cyriac J Mattathil, our founder. On that great day, 3rd August 2013, the college of nursing was inaugurated. The Little Lourdes educational institution has a strong educational background since 1979. It started with JPHN course, followed by diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery and B.Sc Nursing Degree Programme was started from 2013 onwards. This institution is run by SVM sisters of Kottayam Diocese. Our parent hospital is Little Lourdes Mission Hospital.

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Principal's Desk

Principal, LLCON

“Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place –that is, unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have the perseverance to realize the great life” (Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam)
“Nursing” has evolved to an entirely new level since its birth. Student’s all-round development is the prime objective of LLCON. We aimed at nurturing future nurses with all the essential values of life at one hand, student nurses with knowledge, skills and attitude related to the hi-tech care. While education has always imparted knowledge and developed the mind, the major function of education would be to inculcate in the student a desire to evolve. The students have been trained under the care of qualified and experienced faculty.

Our Patron

Our Lady of Lourdes is the beacon of our Institution. We are blessed with her motherly protection, power and presence in our day to day life.

Holistic formation of young women as nurses by commitment towards excellence in quality care while participating in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through innovative approaches to education, research and clinical practice.

Prepare academically and technically sound professional nurses with emphasis on human caring and holistic health with commitment and compassion.

To instill in the staffs and students respect for life at every stages of its growth and in all its manifestation

To inspire the students to reach out to the poor and the marginalized, especially those in the rural areas.

“Education for fullness of life”

We believe Christian doctrine based on the values of Jesus Christ to bring life in fullness. We believe that nursing education prepares graduates to practice within the established professional guidelines and standards and to engage in continuous role development and revision of knowledge. We believe that all patients are accepted and loved unconditionally as children of God. Learning is perceived as a complex, mutual, ongoing process producing a desired change in behaviour of the learner resulting from the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Learning is the beginning of solutions for


Our Departments

Obstetrics & Gynecological Nursing
Obstetrics & Gynecological Nursing

Welcome to the Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing Department at Little Lourdes College of Nursing. Our department is dedicated to excellence in education, research, and clinical practice in the field of women's health.

Child Health Nursing

At Little Lourdes College of Nursing, the Child Health Nursing program is designed to equip nursing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide specialized care for children

Medical Surgical Nursing
Medical Surgical Nursing

The Medical Surgical Nursing Department at Little Lourdes College of Nursing with a commitment to providing comprehensive training to students. Our philosophy centers around the belief that students should not only acquire knowledge and skills but also stay informed about the latest scientific advancements in various clinical practice areas. By doing so, they can confidently face new challenges and seize opportunities in innovative healthcare settings.

Community Health Nursing

The Community Health Nursing Department at Little Lourdes College of Nursing is actively involved in community engagement, education, research, and the study of human anatomy. Community Health Nursing is a specialized area that combines nursing practice with public health principles. It focuses on promoting and preserving the health of communities and populations

Mental Health Nursing

At Little Lourdes College of Nursing, we recognize the critical role that mental health nurses play in promoting well-being, providing compassionate care, and supporting individuals facing mental health challenges. Our Mental Health Nursing program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and empathy needed to make a positive impact in this specialized field.


My experience at LLCON is great and memorable. I was able to gain the confidence to work as a professional Nurse from my college. I am happy to say that all my base in success was derived from here during my whole 4 years of journey. It’s their efforts ( everyone in the college) that make me to count myself accountable & into better professionals.

Nikhil Reji

Intensive Care Unit Nurse St Mary's hospital, Isle of Wight, UK

I am proud to be a member of little lourdes family.our institute provides excellent educational facilities. I am greatfull to all of my dedicated hardworking and helpful teachers and other support personnel.The high quality education provided by my institute crafted me from a frightened  first year nursing student to the courageous staff nurse who can manage a huge patient flow.

Ms. Jayalakshmi Rajan

Head Nurse Physiotherapy Department, Rubban Medical Center Dammam, Saudi Arabia

In my experience, Little Lourdes College of Nursing has played a momentous role in shaping my professional life as a nurse. The training and support I received from the faculties of LLCON during my course period, have played an extremely important part in making me who I am right now. I am extremely delighted that I was fortunate to be a part of this prestigious institution.

Mr. Sanju Saji

Emergency Surgical Nurse Band 5, Altnagelvin Area Hospital, United Kingdom
News & Events

Unveiling the Latest Happenings at LLCON

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International Yoga Day Celebration 2024
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Awareness programmes on World Immunization Day
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